J.B. Pearl knows that applying the right amount of nitrogen is key to raising a successful grain crop, which is why they chose to install Trimble GreenSeeker on several of their sprayers and dry spreaders.

The technology works through the use of optical sensors that measure and quantify the variability of the crop as you drive through the field. As you are driving, the sensor readings are instantaneously calculating a targeted variable rate nitrogen prescription to treat the in-crop variability.  GreenSeeker technology can be used with UAN, UREA, and NH3 to help increase crop yields and ultimately increase your profitability.

Obvious benefits from the GreenSeeker variable rate nitrogen technology include:

  • The ability to create and fine-tune a high-yielding environment for your crop.
  • Reduce nutrient input costs by eliminating excess application
  • Eliminate the need for application maps or agronomist recommendations
  • Operate night or day, and in fog or clouds


J.B. Pearl is also using nitrogen management tools from 360 Yield Center.  Yield360 is a multifaceted approach to crop management that can provide a field-specific prescription for each farm.  At the core of the system is 360 COMMANDER, which gives customized information based on variables like soil content and seed selected as well as daily local weather.

Another facet of the Yield360 program is their 360 SoilSCAN, a mobile soil test, which provides a detailed analysis of nutrients in soil.  Unique features of the SoilSCAN system include the ability to have in-field nitrate readings in five minutes.  These results can then be used to create customized variable rate prescription for nitrogen, water, phosphorus and ammonia.

The final component to the Yield360 system is the 360 Y-Drop.  Developed by an Iowa farmer, the Y-drop attachment helps better deliver nitrogen to the base of the stalk.