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James B. (J.B.) and Eileen Pearl started the fertilizer business in 1961 to supplement their farm income. J.B. began by custom applying anhydrous ammonia for area farmers. Eileen did the bookkeeping, drove a truck, and mixed liquid fertilizer. J.B. was an early adopter of new ideas and products, always with his customers’ best interest in mind, he was the first in the area to introduce custom liquid fertilizer blends. J.B. was also ahead of his time because he saw the value in applying starter fertilizer in a band, thus allowing for better crop utilization and uptake of the fertilizer.

Sons, Doyle and Don, grew up helping and working in the fertilizer business. They both started working full-time in 1975. In 1992, Laurie (Doyle’s wife) was added to the office staff, and Patty (Don’s Wife) joined the office in 1995. Troy (son of Doyle & Laurie) and OJ (son of Don & Patty) also grew up working in the family fertilizer business. OJ and Troy joined the family business full-time in 1994 and 1995, respectively, following high school graduation.

In May 2016, Scott Stallbaumer was promoted to General Manager. Stallbaumer is a 1997 graduate of Kansas State University receiving a bachelor’s degree in agricultural mechanics and equipment machine technology and minoring in agronomy. He was previously an Agronomy Manager with J.B. Pearl in St. Marys for 19 years. In 2012, he was named Resistance Fighter of the Year by Syngenta and has been a Certified Crop Advisor in Kansas since 1998.

Present Day

J.B. Pearl has continued to grow and now employs 45 full-time employees across three locations.

About us

Now in our third generation, we are proud to be an independent family owned Agri-business. We sell all the necessary crop inputs area farmers need. We separate ourselves from the competition with our level of service. At J.B. Pearl, we view ourselves as part of our customer’s management team and believe the only way we can be successful is for our farmers to be successful first! Our team of agronomists, salesmen, office staff, and experienced machine operators all believe in this creed and our dedicated to helping our growers do just that. We are constantly taking the steps to employ the best and brightest people, maintain an amazing fleet of quality sprayers, spreaders, and other necessary equipment, and re-invest in improved facilities across our locations when needed.

Our company stays on the cutting edge of changes in agriculture by adopting the latest technology to support our professionalism and level of service to our customers. J.B. Pearl was the first in the area to adopt precision agriculture grid sampling. Thus, allowing us to variable rate apply fertilizer and Ag lime. We were first in the area to offer tractor-pulled applicators to inject liquid nitrogen into no-till fields. (nitrogen is placed in strips below crop residue, resulting in better nitrogen utilization for the crop) Another investment we’ve made in nitrogen management is the Greenseeker control unit, which makes real-time variable rate placement of nitrogen fertilizer possible as we roll across a field. Again J.B. Pearl was the first area agri-business retailer in the area to offer this type of service.
We are actively involved in many state and national associations and do our best to stay informed of new practices and emerging technologies by attending seminars, training, and networking with other successful Ag-businesses. We continue with the philosophy of our founder, J.B. to assist producers in growing the best crops possible. Our great management team along with a dedicated employee group are optimistic of what the future holds for agriculture and want all the area farmers to know that we at J.B. Pearl will always be here to serve them and help their operation succeed.

Scott Stallbaumer
General Manager
Don Pearl
Director of Strategic Equipment Analysis, Co-Owner
Doyle Pearl
Director of Financial Analysis, Co-Owner
Laura Pearl
Financial Administrator, Co-Owner
OJ Pearl
Marketing Manager/High Yield Specialist, Co-Owner
Patty Pearl
Accounts Payable, Co-Owner
Troy Pearl
Director of Operations, Co-Owner
Scott Spear
Scott Spear
Director of Sales, Marketing & Precision Ag
Brandy DeVader
Director of Business Administration